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Complete preparation and painting of: 

  • Trim + Doors

  • Walls 

  • Ceiling

  • Kirchen Cabinets

  • Bathroom Cabinets/Vanity


Complete preparation, painting and consulting on finishes for your: 

  • Exterior House + Trim

  • Fences, decks etc

  • Garage Doors

  • Man doors

We are happy to suggest long-lasting and UV options


Complete preparation and painting of: 

  • Priming and painting walls

  • Ceiling

  • Trim

  • Custom finishes


We can provide after -hours services if needed


  • Garage + Epoxy Floors

  • Concrete Floor Finishing

  • Ceiling finishing 

  • Wallpaper 

  • Vinyl

Paint Roller

Our services: 

Painting + Finishing Services

We want to ensure your project lasts and is done to exceed your expectations,

we have built our reputation on it!


From start to finish, our team will be professional, courteous and on time.


We ensure the best finish possible by prepping the surface with the best paint possible!

At this time, we are happy to consult with you on the best types of finishes for your project, talk to you about timeslines and help answer any questions you may have. 


Once we remove all furniture and hardware from the walls (plug covers, nails, light fixtures, etc.), we install protective sheets. We then apply painter’s tape around moldings and frames to prevent any paint splashes.


We also inspect walls for cracks, holes, and damages, repairing them perfectly and making them ready for paint.


We are happy to suggest the best options for paint to ensure you get the finish you want within your budget.

After the surface has been properly prepared, we will then finish with your preferred paint selection. 

Once painting is complete, we will clean up all our our tools and leave your space tidy.


We are proud of the work we do, if anything is not right, please let us have the opportunity to make it right!

We also a 2 year material gauentee on our work.

Our Projects

Why choose us?

Our level of dedication, service, and precision is what we pride ourselves on. 

  •  We use the best products available in the market for your budget, paired with our experience working with a variety of types of paints, we believe we can give you the best results

  •  We deal and work directly with our customers; we don’t hire any subcontractor painting companies.

  • From cabinet remodeling to commercial projects, our professional painters serve with utmost expertise and affordability.

  • We are reliable, fully insured, and choose our team carefully, we know our clients place a lot of trust in us, and we will always value that!

  • We will be punctual and professional on-site at all times.

  • We provide complimentary advice for all the highlights and paint finishes to ensure you are pleased with the finished project.

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