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4 Ways to Pick a Color for Your Living Room

Often people don’t understand the difference between interior and exterior painting. In the same way, many people mix up the color schemes for the living room with the bedroom and vice versa. Like nobody wants a dark brown for their bedroom and a light gray contrast for the living in the same house. Your house needs a perfect scheme of colors which needs to mirror the personas of the residents in it.

To get it right, you need to know clearly what are you expecting, beforehand. This will make things easier to understand. In the first step have a picture in mind of how you imagine your drawing room to be, then start pouring it all out. There are countless themes, colors, and combinations to go for so let’s start from the beginning.

If you have no experience dealing with color schemes or are confused between two opposite themes, then this piece is for you.

What are the Trending Colors for Indoors? If you have been searching best living room paint colors in 2022 then don’t do that anymore. Here are the most liked and suitable living room paint colors for the walls if you are repainting

or painting your living room for the first time this year.

Grey The color grey is a shade between white and black. This color possesses the nature of stability and reflects formality. Grey color also holds mixed meanings and is considered a symbol of old age and moodiness because when ripe age approaches, interests in bright and shock colors are often disliked. People use this color pallet for living rooms to have a calm and relaxing atmosphere around them. Having your living room painted grey will make people see the place as more spacious. This way even if your living area is small, you can make it airier and more spacious, using this technique.

Green If your living room has a lot of windows or a single big one then going with a light shade of green is a better choice. Or in the opposite case dark green is your go if you don’t have much sunshine coming into your living room. The color green represents nature and symbolizes refreshens. As the forests connect you with nature and it has dark green hue color. In the same way, the dark green color gives you closure due to its soothing essence. This kind of atmosphere around your house will keep you calm and freshen up all the time.

Navy This color is considered a dark shade of blue which is also close to black color. This color holds the most prominent properties of both colors. It shows the calmness, peace, and sophistication of blue with black representing strength, authenticity, and rebelliousness. This color is perfect for your living room if you have a persona of a bold and mature person. That’s why your living room with this color will help people see your basic character through your wall color.

Although it’s a personal decision to choose a color, light shades of paint colors for the living room are much appreciated by most people. How To Select a Color for Indoor Living Room? Making any decision in the right manner require proper knowledge of the topic. In this case, having an image of the room in your mind could help. Or try out various theme combinations on 3D designs to understand clearly. Either way, it all comes down to one thing, the vibe of your room. Everything depends on how you want your room to look. Do you want to have a decent atmosphere around you or want to reflect a messy personality gesture? Following are a few options to explore which may help you decide on the color and theme for your living room: According to The Furniture If you gave your house a renovation and are now looking for a paint job then you might have a specific interior color design in your mind. Or if you just bought a new house in a different city with no furniture then choose an alike color for the room as the furniture. The color of the room walls has to be aligned with the stuff present in them. Otherwise, you might make your living room space weird and no one wants that. Try Combinations Of 2 Single color walls look fine but a combination of two different colors can be amazing. There are countless ways to combine two colors during your interior painting. Vintage Choice: If you want a vintage vibe in your living room then there is a fascinating option of Swiss Coffee (4215) and Soft Glance (8484). Both of them on the connecting walls will encourage each other’s appearance. Another option is to have a combination of Soft Linen (7884) and Yellow Metal (7920). Orange Burst (HS 33) crown with Magnolia color walls (387) curates a precise old age atmosphere.

Modern Choices: There are quite a few options to pick from for a modern look in the living room. If you want to reflect a bold look then Peacock Blue-N (161) with Rock Crystal (8775) are a perfect duo. Their strong spirits uplift each wall’s existence. Brown Bread (9526) and Natural Tinge (7879) if combined can follow up a sweat combination in an airy and light-up living room. Combining Morning Dream (7904) with a distinct brown color of Earthy Brown (12127) will provide a soothing effect for the eyes when you sit at the dining in the living room.

Choose a Pale Shade When there is not much space according to you and the place looks hideous sometimes with dark brown walls’ paint curling down then change the whole color of the room. The first thing to do is to select a color and try out its pale shades. The reason is that going for a pale shade will develop the illusion of more space than there actually is. This will safeguard you in case you stress yourself about your place being gloomy and dull. This way you feel confident that you have done a great do-over for your small living room.

Go Green or Neutral Every shade of green is refreshing and encourages you to connect with nature. However, going all green is also a bold thing to do if you have always been an off-white-color guy. Explore some green shades here to choose paint for the living room, other than sage and olive green. The science behind a neutral or specifically white color is that these colors reflect most of the light that comes into the room. So, if you are so fond of a big drawing room then choose neutral. However, the finest options to go for neutral lie around grey and blue color pallets. 5 Different Ideas to Pick for Living Rooms If you have never dealt with, the specifics of interior designing then let’s put it as simple as it can get. Following are some ideas to choose from in case you are unsure about the look of your living room going through these options will help you to select one.

Use Shelves and Decorations It doesn’t matter if you are a book lover or a fan of antiques. Make shelves in your living room to display anything you think deserves to be seen on the shelf. It also could be your favorite plant that doesn’t need much watering and care like cactus. Utilize Smaller Spaces and Corners If you believe your living isn’t a perfect space and your corners aren’t well used then you should find more ways to utilize neglected space. Such as installing some floating shelves or putting comfortable seating and lighting to read your favorite novel.

Keep Everything at Arm Reach In case you prefer to work from home and staying at home rather than going out with friends and colleagues. People like you also prefer to have everything at their hand’s length. They will gather around their all-day life kit around them in case they need it. These kits will include snacks, meds, mobile accessories, a laptop charger, a stapler, and every other thing to get through the day. Keep your coffee table with coffee and the book you are reading for a month on it near the couch with a blanket. Having this set up right beside your living room window will keep your introverted desires alive and healthy.

Go Wild and Messy It’s up to you to decide your living room theme even if you prefer to leave it the way it is. This way you won’t be needing any paint job as long as it’s not peeling or flaking down the wall. This kind of theme works for a loner and the one who doesn’t have people to visit every now and then. Still, with a little adjustment, you can make your room look great and well arranged. So, if you like to keep your privacy to yourself then go for it, or if you change your mind somehow then go for the design that truly encourages your inner personality.

Reflect Your Personality You never know yourself for sure at the beginning. You try different things and various combinations of things to figure out your inner self. The same goes for your living room theme try out distinct options. Imagine showing your achievements on the floating shelves then consider having antiques on them and choose the one that makes more sense. The whole point of doing a paint job is not only to cover up your walls but also to show other people who you are like. Don’t like the rug put it away having a clean floorboard is simple and decent anyway. Move the sofa around if you don’t like its direction.

Go for Professionals Once you have selected the theme and color scheme for your living room then the crew of our interior painting service Calgary will take the matter into their hands. Without any effort required from you we will take over your living room and you will get a new one after the do-over is done. Get in touch with our representative to know more about colors and the top-quality service we provide.

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