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Best Habits To Keep Your Property Looking New

Getting new paint after every 7 to 10 years is not a practical option when you can clean it to extend the lifetime. The cleaning will also prevent your walls from being accumulated with mold, dirt, and grease, making it look refreshed throughout. As the accumulations are inevitable, cleaning either your interior or exterior surfaces is an endless responsibility. Besides, if you have kids or pets around, there’s a greater chance of having spillage and dirt stains as well. However, even if you’re very cautious about cleaning, the type of finish actually determines the level of diligence put into the process. For instance, if you have a flat sheen in your house, the cleaning process will leave scrubbing and water damage marks over time. The reason is that flat finishes usually do not offer cleaning options. Whereas, if you have a semi-gloss or satin finish, you won’t get any visible marks. Considering all the factors, you could adopt a few good cleaning habits to make your paint look flawless and evergreen for long. DUSTING Regardless of the paint type, regular dusting is an essential part to keep your surfaces clean and tidy. It’s also the least damaging cleaning method if done persistently. For dusting precisely, never opt a dusting feather as it leaves the minute dust particles in the place and they settle again on the surfaces after some time. The best method is to clean it with a vacuum cleaner. Attaching a brush at the tip of the pipe and gently rubbing it over the surfaces, trims, corners, and ceiling will do the trick. For exceptional results, manually rub all the spaces with a tack cloth or a cheesecloth afterward. GENERAL WASHING The most appropriate way to prevent washing stains is to keep at least a two-week gap between washing sessions. The principle also applies to the use of cleaners. There’s no hard and fast rule for washing your paint, all you need to have is a mild hot soapy water and a sponge or cloth. Keep in mind that most paints are water solvent-based and can absorb water. So, thoroughly wring out your cloth and scrub the surfaces applying gentle pressure in a circular motion. Afterward, Rinse with a damp clean cloth to remove any leftover cleaner. SPOT CLEANING There’s a list of potential stain marks you could have in your interior. For small scuff marker stains, you need to make a paste by mixing baking soda and water. Apply this solution gently over the area and let it stay for some time. later, rinse the solution with a clean damp cloth to avoid any solution residue. The best option to perform such DIY tricks is testing on an inconspicuous area, ensuring that the technique is not going to damage the finish. For those hard to remove stains, like grease splatters and liquid spillages, perform the same trick using your grease-cutting dishwashing soap solution. TOUCH UPS Small damages and scrapes happen in every household. To ensure that your touchups match the surrounding areas as closely as possible, use the paint from the original can. If you haven’t saved it and need to buy more, try looking for the same color and sheen as used before. Adding one-part water and 10-part latex paint will allow you to get the best-feathered results. Don’t forget to use the same process used in painting either brush or roller to get a similar finish. You need a lot of love for your property doing this. Otherwise, spent some cash and relax.

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