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Best Paints for the Price! (2019)

BEST OVERALL RATING: Regardless of color and finish, Benjamin Moore has been producing some of the best and most reliable inks for over a century. The company was recognized in a survey by J.D. Power 2019 on the level of painting, taking first place in the field of exterior painting. So, what is the best exterior paint from this brand? It’s the Aura Exterior collection. It is relatively expensive than some exterior paints, but the quality is second to none. Also, Aura is very durable, lasts for years without fading, cracking or peeling, so, in the long run, it can save you money. The Self-priming paint, 100% acrylic, is available in four versions: matte, low-gloss, satin and semi-gloss. Depending on the finish chosen, a gallon is enough to cover 250 to 400 square feet area. Worth noting part is that the Aura completely dries within just four hours. Remember that Aura is primarily available on Benjamin Moore’s website. However, you can also get these by hiring our residential painting company. Otherwise, search for Benjamin Moore’s store to find the nearest collection point. SECOND BEST OVERALL: With hundreds of positive reviews online, the BEHR Premium Plus Ultra is yet another best choice that customers are looking for over and over again. Among the 23 products tested, Consumer Reports and our residential house painters in Calgary voted in favor of the Premium Plus Ultra, outperforming brands that nearly doubled in value. The paint is 100% acrylic, available in three versions: matte, satin, and semi-gloss. It is suitable for a wide range of surfaces, including wood, vinyl, plaster, metal, and brick. The affordable price sounds even better considering the gallon covers about 400 square feet. Besides, some customers say that only one coating was required to meet their standards. However, for a complete makeover, a 5 Gallon Bucket is a practical approach. Premium Plus Ultra is designed with Nano-Guard technology, which makes it very resistant to sunlight, humidity, and stains, so it will durably stay fresh for many years. IDEAL FOR BALCONIES & TERRACES: KILZ Enamel Latex can help you relax and unwind with this outdoor paint, specially formulated to increase and protect outdoor veranda or terrace. So, you get all the sunshine without any stress in your personal oasis. The product has good reviews online, most buyers give it five stars. Even our residential painting company praises this range of paints for the ease of application and unparalleled durability. One gallon of paint should cover 200 to 300 square feet on rough surfaces and 300 to 400 square feet on smooth surfaces; Nevertheless, some users criticize the product for the fact that several layers are necessary for full functioning. At the same time, KILZ only offers two colors: silver-gray and slate gray. Besides these ignorable drawbacks, KILZ is distinguished by its performance. Once the paint is finished, your porch or patio will be protected from everything from mold to chips, cracks, and discoloration longer than ever. IDEAL FOR WOOD: There is always beauty in a freshly painted wood, whether it be sparkling country fences or on comfortable sun decks on the bucolic porch. This beauty can be brought to your home with BEHR Barn & Fence. The powerful formula helps resist Mother Nature. No cracks, peeling or discoloration for many years, not to mention the resistance to mold, due to which your wood will look healthy and refreshed. The paint is also safe for painting livestock barns. However, there are some restraints. Like many exterior paints intended for wood, BEHR paint for sheds and fences uses a combination of oil and latex, so you need to hire our competent residential house painters in Calgary to proceed with it. Also, the product also has limited color options including white and red. IDEAL FOR VINYL SIDING: Available in four different shades and more than 100 colors, Sherwin Williams Duration allows users to update their vinyl siding and transform their home into the ideal of their dreams. Their colors range stretches from endless neutrals, i-e cotton white, to richer and more distinct tones, such as Bluebird Feather and Coral Reef. The paint is designed with Sherwin Williams PermaLast technology, which provides greater durability, a thicker layer and better protection against the external hazards. Customers trust the longevity of the paint, as it shows no signs of discoloration even after a decade. However, with such quality, there come great expenses as well. Even according to our residential house painters in Calgary, these expensive products worth every penny spent. IDEAL FOR BRICKS: BEHR has been manufacturing high-quality paint for more than seventy years, and for their uncompromising quality, listed again for the BEHR masonry, stucco, and brick paint. With excellent adhesion on smooth and rough surfaces, It’s the best option to paint bricks. It is easy to clean and only requires soap and water. And you can find it in a variety of finishes, including flat, satin and elastomeric, being particularly ideal for ceilings. Our residential painting company prefers it, as a gallon has a price of this paint is cheaper than comparable products, and goes a long way, covering approximately 400 square feet. BEST OIL-BASED: Oil painting quickly becomes a thing of the past, but sometimes it can be useful, especially if you need to protect against the moisture. Valspar’s antioxidant armor is the best quality oil-based paint, offering a striking finish and the ability to prevent moisture, and rusting conditions, reliably and affordably. A gallon covers approximately 400 square feet but, a liter packaging is preferable if you are working on a small project. Not even from residential house painters in Calgary, the product has received universal praise and mostly five-star reviews. but regardless of the brand you use, you may encounter typical oil paint problems, such as quick yellowing and easy chipping. BEST BUDGET: Glidden Premium is not the cheapest exterior paint on the market, but its combination of quality and cost makes it the best value to money products. A gallon costs much less than most competitors, and you can even buy a more profitable five-gallon bucket to maximize your savings. Available in flat/matte, satin and semi-gloss, the paint has hundreds of positive reviews online. It is 100% acrylic and is designed to protect and restore a variety of surfaces: wood, concrete, stucco, vinyl, metal, etc. Even if all customers can agree on the price, some have pointed out that Glidden Premium requires several layers to adequately cover a surface. You’ll always need to hire a residential painting company to add primer helping in better adhesion. Even though, the packaging claims it as an all-in-one paint and primer. Everything from advising on the type of paint and colors, to the care for finishing and details, down to protecting carpets and surfaces from dust, Custom Painting Solution does it all.

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